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Broken Solidarity
A Voltron: Legendary Defenders Fanfiction

Part 1

“Princess, there’s something coming up on the navigation that you might want to see…” Coran spoke wearily into the castle’s intercom system, “Paladins, you should get down here too.”

Arms crossed and stroking his mustache in a nervous manner, his eyes scanned the fluorescent Electric Blue hologram projections. On the main screen, enlarged and enhanced, was the castle’s position in respect to what the royal advisor feared; a small lone pod floating towards them; barely functional enough to send out its distress beacon. But scans showed that its technology was of Galra origin. This caused unease in the rest of the castle’s inhabitants as well.

“This is certainly odd. There’s no other signs of Galra ships or settlements anywhere near us. The Balmera we just liberated was the only one in the vicinity.” Allura came along side Coran and tapped away at the dashboard in order to try and collect more data if any existed. “It does look like an escape pod – there is a life form inside – but the hull been badly damaged. I don’t think the life support system or the distress signal will last much longer.”

“Well we can’t just leave it out there, we’ve got to pull it in and check whoever’s in there. If the pod is banged up they might be in worse trouble than just running out of air.”

“What if it’s just a trap set by the Galra, Hunk? Trying to catch us off guard…” Keith shook his head, hand on hip.

His self proclaimed rival Lance gave a begrudging sigh, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah I, I got to agree with Keith on this one. We should just get out of here, if the Galra are behind this they’re probably tracking the pod as we speak. It’ll lead them right to us.”

“But if it was someone actually trying to escape, they could have useful information. It might be another one of their prisoners… What do you think, Shiro? You yourself were able to escape, do you think we should help?”

The Black Paladin looked to his Green companion and then to the others, features set in stony thought. Turning his gaze towards the holographic dash, he nodded to all of them. “Let’s get the pod into the airlock and check it out, but have your bayards ready just in case. At the very least we can deactivate the distress call and and any other tracking devices that might be on it.”

~ ~

The dimly glowing pod teetered as it came to rest in the castle’s air lock, the weight within seemingly unbalanced in loo of impressive dents and jagged holes in the exterior. The signature Fuchsia glow of Galra tech faded in and out in accordance with the beacon for help, and there was no window to determine the state of its cargo from the outside. The Paladins just watched the new arrival from the other side of the air lock door for a while, curious but hesitant. Even when the panel doors slipped open, no one moved instantly.

“… Keith, go check it out…” Lance nudged the Red Paladin forward, somewhat hiding behind him.

Stumbling forward a few steps before freezing up like a deer in ultra bright headlights, “Wh-What?! Why me, you do it!”

“What, you scared~?”

“No, but if you aren’t scared either then you should do it!”

“Enough you two!” The head Paladin gave each of them a scowl, to which both bit their tongue and backed off from each other and the open air lock door. “Hunk, come help me pry off the hatch, it looks loose enough.”

Waving the big guy over, the two of them approached the the pod, taking hold where they could on the warped sheet of space metal. It took a couple heaves but they were able to break it from its hinges. It clattered to the floor as they moved I to reveal the passenger inside. Curled up in a ball at the bottom of the capsule was someone in Galra prisoner garb, tattered and lightly scorched in a few places. Though it looked to be of a humanoid stature much like the Alteans, its skin looked to be an oval scaled gold and any slashes or burns on its body produced a syrupy Licorice colored substance. Its eyes seemed wide open and Milky White like it was already dead.

“Man, they’re in bad shape… I think they might already be dead… Will the medical pods even work on them in this state?” Pidge adjusted their glasses as they stepped closer for a better, but also to search for anything that looked like a tracking device. There was none to find.

The escape pod’s power finally made a low humming noise as the light was completely snuffed out, signifying the air support had finally failed. When the sound faded, the Milky White sheen of its eyes slipped down to show the reptilian like pupils; Cyber Yellow slits buried into Eerie Black irises. Their body gave a sudden jolt as it took a long and painful breath of air, followed by a raspy, strained outcry.

“Ah!” Pidge skittered away and jumped up onto Shiro in self defense as he himself instantly assumed a defensive fighting stance.

“What the quiznak!?” Both Lance and Keith activated their bayards, taken off guard.

“Guys, guys, hold up! It obviously needs help, it’s not in any shape to fight...” Putting himself between the escape pod and his teammates, Hunk crouched down to get a better look at the escapee. “Hey, take it easy, it’ll be okay. Can you move, talk…?” The prisoner let out a low guttural moan and some indecipherable mumbling, barely lifting an arm toward the Yellow Paladin before the sheen threatened to cover their eyes again. “Okay, someone get one of the medical pods ready, we got to at least try it.”

“I-I’ll go tell Coran and Princess Allura!” Deactivating his weapon, Lance ran out of the room back towards the main bridge as Pidge dashed off to set up a medical pod.

Keith left his bayard at the ready just in case as his two other teammates did their best to lift the escaped prisoner out of the broken vessel without injuring them further. The cloudy ocular film was fighting to take over again, and the thick layers of black threatened to bubbled with fresh tar. Elongated fingers hung at the ends of limp arms as Hunk held them up from underneath the shoulders and Shiro took hold of the legs, the calves and feet bent backwards similar to a canine’s anatomy.

As the Red Paladin escorted them, they walked as fast but as steady as they could to where Pidge waited. The princess and her advisor rushed to the scene with the Blue Paladin leading them in. Allura’s hand covered her nose and mouth in shock and Coran stifled a pained groan at the sight of the creature. They straightened them out as much as they could to align them within the healing pod before sealing them in. There was a bout of silence as they digested what had happened in the last few minutes.

Shiro was the first to break the quiet. “We should jettison the escape pod just in case, it’s not going to have any information store in it…”

“It might have the coordinates of it’s place of origin though, we might need it if…” Pidge glanced at the occupied healing pod before continuing, “You know, in case they don’t make it. It’d still give us a chance to disable another Galra ship, and probably even free more prisoners...” Everyone knew that Pidge hoped to find the other members of the Holt family when saying that, but no one brought it up. No on blamed them for it.

“You can go ahead and check it if you want Pidge, but I think our new friend here is going to be fine,” Coran was going through the medical data being filtered into the castle’s hardware from the pod in use. “Looks like they’re already healing, it shouldn’t be too long before we can get them conscious again.”

“Good, then we’re staying right here until they do,” Allura stood by Coran to asses the incoming data. Keith went off to dispose of the Galra escape pod as the rest stood there in wait.
Broken Solidarity: A Voltron FanFiction Part 1
I kinda fell off of the fan fiction writing wagon a while ago because I never finished anything I started, but damn man, this reboot of Voltron: Legendary Defenders has got me completely hooked and I have a serious problem guys >w< So much so that I had a dream and I'm writing it down. This trash is my personal dream trash and I'm writing it to try and clean my brain of the trash, which probably won't work but I'mma try xD If this first part gets good feedback, I'll continue to post what I write and maybe even draw a little bit from certain scenes, we'll see! Enjoy!
Going to the Grand Canyon and California for our family summer trip this year, so at the very best I'll be in and out sporadically. Rps are on hold for the most part unless we're in a lull, you know which of you I'm talking of. Talk to you all soon and have a wonderful day ^w^/
Going to the Grand Canyon and California for our family summer trip this year, so at the very best I'll be in and out sporadically. Rps are on hold for the most part unless we're in a lull, you know which of you I'm talking of. Talk to you all soon and have a wonderful day ^w^/


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Call me Lacey
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I am currently at university, working on an English major with a secondary education minor so I may get a teaching licenses. I consider myself more of a writer than an artist, but both mediums are just hobbies at this point in my life.
I like long term roleplays, but only with people 18 and older due to the nature of some of my rps. Note me if you'd like to rp, and I will give you my conditions.
I also wish to start doing commission to gain points so I may donate them to friends in need. I'm not very good at backgrounds but I am good enough at profiles/portraits and literature commissions are in my opinion my best. Again, note me if you'd like a commission in any form. All I ask is that you give me the points ahead of time so I may get you on a list. If I find myself unable to complete your commission, I will return all the points in full.
It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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